Row 1

(a) Urban Adventures*  (b) Watch Lab*

Row 2

(a) Ravello Italian Villas  (b) Empty Walls Gallery*

Row 3

(a) Trinity River Corridor  (b) Enviro Energy Inc.*

Row 4

(a) Meaningful Start*  (b) Monologues

Row 5

(a) Tomasi Designs  (b) Chicken Juggler Radio

Row 6

(a) Double H Woodwork  (b) Charm Builder

Role: Designer

Created while employed at Fossil (1b, 6b), Range (1a, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b), Focus 2 (2a, 5a) and as a Freelancer (2b, 5b, 6a).

Recognized in shows or publications including How Magazine’s International Design Annual, Harper Collins Publications, DSVC and AIGA among others.