Every November, during National Novel Writing Month, thirty professional designers are chosen to create book cover art inspired by novels being written by aspiring authors from around the globe. Why? To encourage new, diverse voices, and help build a more creative world.  30 Covers, 30 Days is presented in partnership with designer and author Debbie Millman. Debbie recruits participants each October.


In 2019, as a part of this project, I participated by working on a cover design for a Thriller novel being written by Martha Warren titled Proton.


About Proton: This circadian novel asks the question, how much can your life change in a single day? Our protagonist is unrecognizable by dinner time. Thrust into a world of money-laundering, murder, and particle physics, in a 24 hour period, she is forced to confront her own history and future.


Role: Designer

Created employed as an Associate Professor at A&M Commerce.